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Importance of edge computing

Edge computers are an important part of edge computing. Edge computing describes the decentralized computing infrastructure in which data processing takes place at the data source and is a fundamental element of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Instead of sending all data to a central cloud infrastructure, edge computing shifts parts of the data processing directly to the “edge” of the network, to its point of origin, i.e. close to the devices or sensors.

This reduces latency times and enables real-time capability, minimizes the network load and the storage and transmission costs for broadband data transfer, and ensures data security. This is particularly important in applications such as automatic visual inspection (AOI), test drives of autonomous vehicles, medical technology or intelligent urban infrastructure. In some cases, the data is first processed at the edge and then relevant information or aggregated data is sent to the cloud for further analysis or long-term storage.

What is an edge computer?

An edge computer is an IPC that is capable of processing, analyzing and storing data in close proximity to the source. Depending on the area of application, these can be embedded PCs, edge servers or gateways.

The increasing networking and communication of sensors and machines is generating ever greater volumes of data that need to be transmitted and processed in the shortest possible time. Applications in the edge area, ranging from sensor data acquisition to machine vision and the use of AI, require a wide range of functionalities and sometimes high computing performance. From edge gateways to edge AI systems – we offer a complete portfolio of industrial computing platforms with scalability in terms of computing performance, connectivity and configuration.

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Everyware Software Framework (ESF)

With ESF, Eurotech offers a secure IoT Edge Framework for drag & drop capturing and management of connected devices and sensors. ESF is based on a no-code/low-code open source software stack and represents a ready-to-use and IEC 62443 OT-secure plug & play edge solution that is also scalable for global deployments: from software and cloud-based pre-provisioning to hardware configuration and hardening options. ESF supports common field protocols, MQTT connectivity and web-based visual data flow programming to collect data from the field, process it in the field and send it to the IoT cloud platforms.

Integration with Everyware Cloud (EC), Eurotech’s edge management platform, enables full diagnostic monitoring and remote management of devices. The platform offers seamless southbound (field devices, sensors) and northbound connectivity (to third-party providers such as AWS IoT Greengrass and Azure IoT Edge) via common protocols, significantly reducing integration effort and time-to-market. In-house software or software from third-party providers can also be used on the platform.

  • Simple drag & drop tool with a library of commonly used Southbound protocols and certified cloud connectors for rapid digital transformation
  • Immediate connectivity with common southbound protocols
  • Simultaneous connection to multiple cloud services
  • comprehensive range of configurable security options according to IEC 62443 strictest standards for the development of industrial automation and control systems (IACS) at every point of the IoT chain
  • Hardened platform
  • Protocol functions for monitoring and compliance
  • Comprehensive API for the integration of additional services
  • Container management for seamless integration of software stacks and AI inference models
  • Expandable open source basis for reliable software integration

Everyware Cloud (EC)

Everyware Cloud (EC) is the edge management platform for secure device management, edge monitoring and remote control. Monitor, update and control the edge with the edge management platform that enables secure remote management and provisioning of devices and integration of data into IT and cloud applications.

  • Intuitive remote configuration for updates and introduction of new functions via the cloud
  • Over-the-air updates up to southbound drivers as well as for connected third-party hardware.
  • Zero-touch provisioning for certificate-based lifecycle management
  • Centralized security basis
  • Efficient architecture and isolation of parties to reduce costs
  • Trust and security through an open source foundation for edge management
  • Management API for easy integration with third-party services

Product innovation: Concepion-tXf-L-v3 / ReliaCOR 44-11

The Edge Intelligence system was developed to support you in any application with artificial intelligence, such as quality inspections. The rugged embedded PC impresses with high performance in a small space at environment conditions up to 55 °C. Thanks to the high-performance NVIDIA® GPU with dedicated cooling and Intel® Core™ i CPUs up to the 12th generation, the system provides an enormous performance boost for AI applications.


The integration of camera and sensor technology plays a decisive role in various industries. Whether in mechanical and plant engineering, logistics or in medical and safety technology: by using camera systems in conjunction with our reliable industrial computers, our customers are driving forward process automation and quality assurance.

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