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Due to its enormous computing power and robustness, an industrial PC has become essential in modern industrial processes. Industrial computers are used in various applications, industries and challenging environment conditions. Among other things, they enable the control and communication of machines, the fail-safe automation of processes and the reliable data collection/processing and application of AI.

The use of industrial computers is driving multiple future-relevant applications in industry, the automotive sector and medical technology, as well as in environmental and energy technology. Industrial PCs from InoNet are therefore a fundamental building block for innovation and progress. They are the result of clever development work and careful craftsmanship – Made in Germany. We rely on quality. For us, quality is not just a product characteristic, but a basic attitude that is supported by every single InoNet employee: Quality in dialog, quality in the result and quality in the product.

InoNet offers you high-quality pre-configured industrial PC solutions from a single source and develops further customized solutions for special requirements according to your needs.



24/7 operation

Our industrial PCs for every application

InoNet’s customizing concept: the most economical solution for every customer requirement

Thanks to our 20 years of experience in the development of customer-specific industrial PC systems, we find tailor-made solutions for requirements that cannot be met with standard systems. Our development services include the mechanical design of chassis or cooling solutions, electronics development and the adaptation of application-specific software, BIOS or operating system.

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We assemble our standard systems from components in stock and can therefore achieve delivery times of just a few days. Thanks to the configuration of CPU, RAM, hard disks and operating system, the systems still offer a high degree of flexibility.

For more specific requirements, our system developers configure customized systems, which we test for uncompromising functionality through extensive hardware qualification and functional tests before delivery.


Customized front


customizable chassis dimensions


additional mounting options


3D model for visualization

If no hardware available on the market meets the requirements of an application, we can develop customer-specific systems that fit exactly into the particular application – through individual chassis design, customer-specific interface configuration through to mainboard development.

19″ rackmount industrial PC

Industrial PC fanless

High-Performance embedded industrial PC

The requirements for an industrial PC

Industrial PCs must function smoothly and reliably under extreme conditions:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Strong vibrations and shocks
  • Dusty and special environment conditions
  • High humidity.

These conditions mean that high demands are placed on industrial PCs: The industrial computers should have robust chassis, enable fail-safe continuous operation and be long-term available.

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Industrial PCs with extended temperature range

We offer industrial computers that are highly tolerant of temperature fluctuations. The term “extended temperature range” refers to temperatures between minus 40 and plus 85 degrees Celsius in the environment. The temperatures inside the device are usually much higher – our robust models are made of special components to withstand very low and very high temperatures as well as the equally problematic fluctuations.

Industrial PC for fail-safe continuous operation

Industrial PCs are often used in production facilities and are usually in continuous operation. Industrial computers can be equipped with redundant power supply units to prevent the industrial PC and production system from coming to a standstill and incurring unnecessary follow-up costs. If one of the system’s power supply units fails, the second takes over and continuous operation is guaranteed. In the event of a complete power failure, InoNet’s uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) ensure that critical electrical loads are supplied, thus avoiding production plant downtime.

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Long-term availability of industrial PCs

Companies’ investment in hardware is extremely dependent on the individually programmed software. Changes to the software used and renewed certifications are often associated with extremely high costs, which means that the need for hardware with the same revisions and long-term availability is becoming ever greater. InoNet offers long-term availability of individual systems for up to 15 years and also manufactures industrial PCs with identical revisions if required. The Total Cost of Ownership can be reduced in the long-run thanks to revision consistency and long-term availability.

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Industrial PC fanless: low-maintenance and reliable

Industrial computers without fans are ideal for use in edge computing on the industrial plant floor. These computers do not require any rotating parts inside the PC chassis as they are passive cooled. The advantage: The fanless industrial PC requires significantly less maintenance than a PC with integrated ventilation – failures due to damage to the sensitive ventilation (compared to other components) are eliminated. The fanless PC model is recommended for production plants with a particularly “dusty” environment. Further information on the difference between active and passive cooling can be found in our Wiki.

Powerful industrial computers

Thanks to close cooperation with Intel®, AMD® and mainboard manufacturers, our IPCs are available with the latest processor generations. The industrial computers can be equipped with various proven CPUs up to Intel® XEON®. Examples of available processors for industrial PCs at a glance:

  • Intel® Core i3
  • Intel® Core i5
  • Intel® Core i7
  • Intel® Core i9
  • Intel® XEON®
  • AMD®
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Operating systems for industrial computers

There are various operating systems that are frequently used for industrial PCs:

  1. Windows:
    • Windows 10 IoT
    • Windows 11
    • Windows Embedded
  2. Linux:
    • Ubuntu
    • CentOS
    • Debian
    • Yocto (customized embedded Linux distribution)
  3. Real-time operating systems (RTOS):
    • QNX
    • VxWorks
    • FreeRTOS
  4. Other specialized systems:
    • Embedded operating systems such as Windows CE

These operating systems are often optimized for reliability, security and special industrial applications. InoNet industrial computers come with Windows 10 IoT, Windows 11 (TPM module) or Linux as standard. If you are not sure whether Windows or Linux is the right operating system for your application, you can find out more in our InoNet Wiki (DE).

Is it worth switching from Windows 10 IoT to Windows 11? You can also find more information here (DE).

Industrial PC checklist for download

The most important points that you should consider when purchasing an industrial computer are summarized in an overview:

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Industrial PC FAQ

An industrial PC, also known as an IPC, is a computer that is used for applications in an industrial environment. Its design and main function depend on its area of operation. It differs from consumer PCs mainly in that it is much more robust and durable. Industrial PCs are ready for use in extreme conditions, such as high temperatures or dusty environments. The best-known types of industrial PCs are 19-inch PCs / 19-inch rack mount, embedded PCs and panel PCs. A difference can also be made between mounting types – desktop industrial PC or wall mount industrial PC.

There are a large number of industrial applications in which the use of industrial computers is essential due to the working environment or the required performance. Examples of this are the automotive industry, medical and transport technology, as well as multiple other industries.

In general, industrial computers have USB ports, Gigabit LAN connectors as well as HDMI, Display Port and COM interfaces. Depending on the device and system, we can also lead out further connectors on request.

The common feature of all industrial PC chassis is certainly that they are particularly robust in order to protect the device from environmental conditions such as dust or moisture. The dustproof cases are usually made of metal or metal alloys. However, there are various types of cases that differ from one another in terms of their mounting type. The most widely used chassis are 19-inch rack cases for rack mounting, wall-mount cases for wall mounting and embedded cases. There are also special chassis for industrial servers.

For environments in which the industrial PC system is exposed to splash water, it is important that the chassis is completely closed and the industrial PC is fanless cooled. We have created an overview of the IP protection classes for you.

Industrial PCs with touch screens are known as panel PCs. They combine PC and touch display in one housing and are designed for use in industry. Panel PCs are equipped with either a resistive touchscreen or a projected capacitive touchscreen.

Why InoNet is the perfect partner for industrial PCs

Because we are both a developer and a manufacturer, we can respond directly to customer requirements and offer the optimum service. You receive your customized system from a single source. Industrial PCs from InoNet are the result of well thought-out development work and careful craftsmanship Made in Germany. When designing and configuring the matching system, we draw on a broad portfolio of hardware components that have been designed for reliable, continuous use in industrial environments.

Our engineers are constantly working on new systems, developing pioneering solutions and setting new standards on the market. This is exactly what matters to us: to be innovative and, with the help of our customers, to keep developing products that inspire and create progress. This vision makes us your trusted partner for industrial PCs. We ensure consistently high quality for our computer systems and a high level of customer satisfaction. Because we are both a developer and a manufacturer, we can respond directly to customer requirements and offer the optimum service. Customer surveys confirm that our systems are above the market standard in terms of quality and reliability. Do you have a desired delivery date? We are also setting new benchmarks in terms of on-time delivery.

We work with many well-known customers.

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