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Since our founding in 1998, we have implemented numerous projects in a wide variety of industries – this means we know the respective requirements and can work with you on your solution at eye level. On this page you can learn more about our individual competencies in our focus markets.

Our industries include:



In an era where advanced technologies are paving the way for innovation, our industrial PCs are leading the way in two key areas: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Our robust and powerful solutions provide the technological foundation for the integration of AI algorithms and the seamless connection and analysis of data in the IIoT. Discover how our industrial PCs are driving the future of manufacturing and automation across all industries.


Automation solutions for constant production processes

Automation processes have significantly increased the efficiency of all production processes in industrial manufacturing companies in recent years and – assuming identical processes – have led to consistently high product quality. Sorting machines for agricultural products use sensor technology and camera systems to recognize different sizes and shapes, and robots carry out precise and constant production steps.

In modern Industrie 4.0 sites, the various machines involved in the manufacturing process are interconnected and can communicate with each other in an “intelligent” way. This automatically records inventory levels, aligns production processes more closely with demand, and uses barcodes or RFID chips to optimize processes and supply chain tracking.

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Hardware for reliable industrial automation

PCs with a high performance capacity create the conditions for automation to support your production processes reliably and, if possible, in 24/7 continuous operation. In sorting systems or coding processes, various components such as camera systems, temperature, air pressure and many other sensors are often connected to high-performance computers that must collect and evaluate large amounts of data in real time to enable a smooth production flow. InoNet industrial computers have been used for many years in mechanical and plant engineering, in the automotive industry, in the aviation industry and in many other branches of industry. Our PC solutions feature Power over Ethernet (PoE) if required and can even be used in application-critical areas due to fanless technology and the solid closed design. Our experts first get a precise picture of your hardware requirements and then develop a fail-safe hardware system, taking into account the relevant environmental parameters. Afterwards, we take care of the professional implementation – from cabling to commissioning – and train your staff on request to teach them the appropriate handling of our hardware in detail.

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We offer high-performance computer hardware for testing and validation applications in vehicle development with over 20 years of expertise in the industry.

Our systems can be found in test applications of ADAS/AD systems, classic vehicle components and HiL applications.

With our background in industrial PCs, we offer not only powerful, but also robust and durable hardware solutions for your projects, optimally designed for the demanding conditions surrounding test applications in vehicle development. We can support you with small quantities up to large series, starting with simple standard systems with high availability, up to individual adaptations according to your requirements. You will be supported by our experts from the initial consultation to after-sales service.

Traffic Engineering

Our industrial computers bring movement to road and rail

InoNet develops industrial computers that are already used in many rail and road transport tasks. Our PC solutions are extremely quiet thanks to the absence of fans, and their robustness makes them suitable for continuous operation. Our hardware has a wide range of common interfaces, installation and mounting options and can be integrated into almost any device periphery. In addition, we offer our products with wide-range power supply, to cover the range of requirements for use in cars, trucks and rail vehicles over a wide area.

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Traffic monitoring and traffic control systems

Computer-controlled traffic systems collect large amounts of various measurement data in order to increase safety and traffic flow on roads and highways based on their evaluation. Our powerful hardware systems are already being used in a wide range of different traffic monitoring systems to capture and evaluate the constant stream of data from the associated camera and sensor systems.

Installed on sign gantries, sensors record the number of passing vehicles, for example, in order to reduce the overall speed if necessary and optimize road utilization by reducing the distance between vehicles as a result. Tolling systems such as Toll Collect or parking garages rely on InoNet hardware for Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) to record tolls for trucks or to locate their own vehicle via app.

Fail-safe industrial computers for interlockings, wagon monitoring and infotainment

For the coordination of rail traffic in interlockings, InoNet develops industrial computers that meet all standards when used in this safety-critical area. Due to its high reliability, our hardware is therefore increasingly used in control technology. Inside trains, our high-performance PCs ensure the acquisition and evaluation of various measurement data in accordance with DIN EN 50155. In conjunction with our display solutions, technical personnel always maintain an overview of the machine’s current energy consumption and are informed automatically and at an early stage about material wear. Our hardware ensures efficient energy use and reduces maintenance costs by identifying the need to repair individual components at an early stage.

We will be happy to plan and implement innovative hardware concepts for rail and road traffic together with you.

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Image & Video Processing

In a variety of different industries, the use of camera technology ensures consistently high manufacturing quality of products. In plant and mechanical engineering, safety engineering, aerospace technology or tool and mold making, camera systems in combination with high-performance industrial computers take over the qualitative inspection and individual recording of every single production step. Such surface inspection systems, quality assurance systems or material testing applications perform real-time audio-visual data acquisition and processing in the form of A/D conversion. The resulting high degree of automation ensures consistent results and is therefore many times superior in precision and speed to the analog control process via visual or haptic control by workers. Corresponding alarm and early error detection applications take effect at an early stage and reduce the risk of substandard batches and machine failures. In addition, optical inspection at the end of a production process in connection with product labeling enables the integration of track & trace labels for consistent tracing of complete production processes.

Future-proof industrial computers for the evaluation of large amounts of data

InoNet computer solutions are perfect for interfacing with complex camera systems. They have high computing and graphics performance and offer a future-proof PC solution thanks to extensive expansion options and industry standards such as Camera Link (CL) or Framegrabber. Our hardware is designed for the integration of all common interface cards and bundles your entire camera network via LAN connection in one central interface. We would be happy to develop individual teaming solutions for you, to combine several networks into a single channel if required. Also available with Power-over-Ethernet (POE) on request, which supplies all cameras with power via network cables. Contact us and describe your project requirements. Together with you, our experts develop a performance-safe hardware environment for your audiovisual system.

Medical & Pharma Technology

Mission critical hardware solutions for a wide range of applications

In medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry, the requirement profiles in the IT sector differ significantly depending on the area of application. InoNet offers customized hardware solutions that can be integrated into different working environments according to requirements.

High-performance hardware for innovative medical technology

Inside as well as immediately outside operating rooms, special requirements are placed on the hardware environment used. Medical processes are usually customized for each application and should be usable for several years due to the R&D expenses involved. InoNet develops specific hardware solutions with a long service life for this purpose. In addition, these can be equipped with all common interfaces in order to update the overall system as required or to adapt it to changed processes.

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Outside the operating room, our computers are used, among other things, in X-ray technology, where they ensure a high data processing rate for reliable and high-resolution imaging procedures. InoNet develops hardware in various stages of expansion up to high-performance PCs.
For work in the OR, InoNet develops fully wired computer solutions that can be integrated directly into the respective OR setup and also provides its customers with powerful graphics cards and high-resolution displays with screen diagonals of over 80 inches.

Standard-compliant hardware solutions with long-term availability

InoNet medical computers are installed in high-quality chassis whose rounded edges and smooth surfaces prevent bacteria from forming and thus meet appropriate hygiene requirements. Our PCs are available in numerous IP protection classes, providing solutions against dust and splash water leakage. UPS voltage supplies and transformers, grounding bolts, and medically approved power supplies are also standard and reliably protect personnel and electronic components from dangerous surges. Our hardware complies with the EN 6060 1 or IEC 6060 1 standards. In addition, we develop customized solutions on customer request and, of course, take care of all approvals in accredited test laboratories.

Fail-safety is the top priority to ensure secure workflows. In line with their budgets, we supply our customers with single-computer solutions that can be configured with redundant power supplies, LAN interfaces and fans, as well as multiple hard disks in RAID. Furthermore, the cluster solutions we offer are particularly secure. With this multi-PC technology, the entire hardware system is mirrored so that it can be seamlessly replaced in the event of a system failure.
Due to our extensive practical experience in the medical-pharmaceutical sector, we are your competent partner to support mission-critical medical processes at the highest level.

Customized systems

Our IPCs are used in a variety of ways in the medical field and thus have a wide range of requirements. Our engineering team takes on every challenge to ensure that your very own industrial PC meets all your requirements.

One of our customers needed a server rack whose depth was limited to a maximum of 450mm, and a matching workstation. Our engineering team fulfilled the customer’s request by developing the customized server rack and the corresponding 19 inch computers with 4U and a depth of only 350mm. In addition, everything was designed in the customer’s corporate design. You can find more information here.

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Energy / Water

Industrial computers for efficient power plant control and technical operations management

In modern power generation companies, the use of high-performance industrial computers is the key technology for efficient power generation processes. Automated monitoring and control techniques reduce unnecessary generator downtime as a result of extraordinary maintenance. InoNet develops and installs server systems, embedded PCs and panel PCs, which, in combination with high-resolution displays, provide your staff with comprehensive controlling and data acquisition solutions. Of course, our hardware is designed for 24/7 continuous operation for long-term data acquisition, has ESD resistance and meets all UL approval criteria upon request. Optionally, we can also equip the hardware with remote access to increase the ease of operation of the entire system. Our hardware solutions are already being used for turbine monitoring in hydroelectric power plants, for acoustic monitoring of generator noise in wind turbines, or for technical operations management of solar power plants.

The InoNet hardware is suitable for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) activities for monitoring and controlling all technical processes including data acquisition and processing. In conjunction with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications, our high-performance PCs and displays are already being used in control room technology or even in substations to bundle individual monitors on a central screen as a dashboard. In addition to the implementation of comprehensive hardware solutions according to IEC standard 61850, InoNet also offers its customers the installation of redundant networks. Our standardized network redundancy procedures ensure the shortest possible reconfiguration times in the event of a fault, thus reducing the risk of unplanned downtime in power plant operations. Get comprehensive advice from our experts. Together, we develop hardware peripherals for you that are tailored to your needs.

Building Automation System

The core function of building automation systems is to regulate the building climate in specific areas, light rooms according to an occupancy schedule, monitor the performance and equipment failures of systems, and provide fault alarms to respond as quickly as possible and, ideally, even prevent major problems or malfunctions. Our industrial computers enable smooth and fail-safe use of automation software – resulting in reduced building energy and maintenance costs compared to a “non-smart” building. Thus, great savings can be realized over several years with our systems.

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Food & Beverage

The food industry is one of the most important industrial sectors in Germany and, moreover, one of the areas in which the most specifications and standards must be met in order to be able to achieve the desired quality of the food, for the protection of the consumer. For example, industrial computers used in the food industry should have a housing made of stainless steel (V4A) to ensure maximum hygiene. We know the requirements for industrial PCs in the food industry and can provide you with detailed advice in this regard.


Nowadays, it is hard to imagine modern, efficient logistics applications without HMI systems and industrial computers. Whether as a simple, large-format information display to keep an eye on the most important processes and key figures or as a compact panel PC mounted on a forklift truck. WLAN, a mobile phone connection and GPS enable the necessary information to be distributed directly within the network to the relevant departments. Our panel PCs support the user in everyday life with an intuitive touchscreen, enabling an efficient and convenient way of working.

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