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Testing and validation in vehicle development

Testing and validation during the development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Driving (AD) functions (including ISO 26262) places high demands on the hardware used to test the control unit and its software. From SAE Level 3 to 5 of autonomous driving, the raw sensor data (cameras, LiDAR, RADAR) increases almost exponentially during test drives. As a result, high data write rates, massive computing power and large mass storage devices are required to ensure functionality and security.

InoNet provides scalable computing solutions for ADAS/AD applications in vehicle development, working hand in hand with OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and universities. Our systems can be found in test applications for ADAS systems or traditional vehicle components in the vehicle and in HiL (hardware-in-the-loop) applications. The InoNet Automotive Ecosystem offers rugged computer systems for data acquisition/processing, data storage and data evaluation in demanding test applications ranging from high-end data logging, model training to AI inference.



Innovative technologies


Cost optimization


Data Logging Speed

Car HPC with continuous write rates of up to 28Gb/s with hot-pluggable QuickTrays

Liquid cooling

Liquid/hybrid cooling solution that combines high cooling capacity for GPU/AI performance with cost efficiency


Rugged Edge AI in-vehicle PC from Eurotech with E-Mark, shock and vibration automotive certifications

In the fast lane with embedded PCs & data loggers

Data acquisition/-processing

Data acquisition/-processing

The data acquisition and processing systems are suitable for in-vehicle recording, fusion of sensor (raw) data over a wide range of communication interfaces, and efficient data processing using high performance CPU/GPU solutions. Improve the duration, cost and accuracy of your test drives!

Data storage

Data storage

We offer a modular solution for the rapid exchange of collected data between the vehicle datalogging system and the data evaluation stations. Thanks to InoNet solutions, systems can be expanded with data storage systems of the right speed and capacity with the simplest and quickest changeover.

Data evaluation HiL

Data evaluation

Systems such as our Concepion Copy Station, 19″ servers with integrated QuickTray or, for high performance, our Mayflower, are used to analyse and distribute the collected data directly at the workstation, to mobile backups or directly to the local IT infrastructure.


Integration of the right hardware into the vehicle

Starting with data acquisition, the system must be able to interact with a wide range of sensor and vehicle interfaces. InoNet offers real-time hardware platforms that can be combined with our InoNet QuickTray to create high-speed data loggers in a RAID network. The sensors are connected via a wide range of third party measurement cards, tailored to your application. Autonomous driving in particular generates a huge amount of data, which can be quickly transferred to the logger via Ethernet cables and network switches. By using a master clock (e.g. a GPS beacon), all sensors and systems on the network can operate and record synchronously. We can also provide GPU and FPGA high-performance computers (HPC) for the field of artificial intelligence, both in the vehicle and in the server back-end. Whether you want to automatically label your raw measurement data, train neural networks for machine learning algorithms, or perform sensor fusion.


Log, save, exchange

The upload and transfer between the vehicle and your IT backend can only take place via physical data carriers for this data volume. To do this, you can simply remove the individual SSDs from our systems using removable frames. However, the use of an InoNet QuickTray is particularly useful for ADAS and AD development. With its high storage capacity and write rates, this automotive storage kit turns your systems into both an ADAS logger and a flexible upload station for your databases. Regardless of whether the data collected is to be made available at the workstation, directly to a server or to a copy station for onward transmission during test drives.

The QuickTray is a type of drawer with a 5.25″ slot and can be used in a variety of chassis. It can either be connected to the InoNet systems or simply integrated into existing third party systems. This modularity allows you to create a storage solution that exactly meets your needs. With QuickTray v.3, InoNet offers a hot-pluggable and encryption-capable modular solution for the rapid exchange of collected data between the vehicle recording system and the evaluation stations.

data evaluation_icon

Flexible, configurable upload stations Evaluation and HiL-data provision for all applications

For the broad computing solution in vehicle development, existing or new 19″ server systems and workstations are used to analyse and process the collected data directly at the workstation, for mobile backup or directly in the local IT infrastructure. The data is then available for further processing for computationally intensive AI applications and various simulation and test cases (HiL and SiL) for validation.

Now that the data has been made available to the individual development departments, we can provide you with further support in the form of configuration solutions. No special hardware is required for SiL, but the simple integration of the workstation into the IT system makes the workflow much easier. For example, a removable frame or the InoNet QuickTray can be used to allow the developer to easily and securely load environmental data into a model. For the use of HiL applications in test automation, we offer our flexibly configurable 19″ systems.

Our systems are already being used in various vehicles and projects for ADAS testing and autonomous driving.

Data acquisition / data storage / data analysis: Mayflower®-B17-LiQuid

The rugged Car HPC Mayflower®-B17-LiQuid brings server performance to the car with a powerful CPU (dual Intel®Xeon® or AMD® EPYC™) and five NVIDIA® graphics/storage cards. It is ideal for computationally intensive AI/GPU and sensor fusion in ADAS applications. With liquid cooling for the CPU and GPU, more heat can be dissipated for consistently high performance and no throttling.

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Already on board towards the future

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