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Testing and validation in vehicle development

Testing and validation during the development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Driving (AD) functions (including ISO 26262) places high demands on the hardware used to test the control unit and its software. From SAE Level 3 to 5 of autonomous driving, the raw sensor data (cameras, LiDAR, RADAR) increases almost exponentially during test drives. As a result, high data write rates, massive computing power and large mass storage devices are required to ensure functionality and security.

InoNet provides scalable computing solutions for ADAS/AD applications in vehicle development, working hand in hand with OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and universities. Our systems can be found in test applications for ADAS systems or traditional vehicle components in the vehicle and in HiL (hardware-in-the-loop) applications. The InoNet Automotive Ecosystem offers rugged computer systems for data acquisition/processing, data storage and data evaluation in demanding test applications ranging from high-end data logging, model training to AI inference.


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Innovative technologies


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Data Logging Speed

Car HPC with continuous write rates of up to 28Gb/s with hot-pluggable QuickTrays

Liquid cooling

Liquid/hybrid cooling solution that combines high cooling capacity for GPU/AI performance with cost efficiency


Rugged Edge AI in-vehicle PC from Eurotech with E-Mark, shock and vibration automotive certifications

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    In the fast lane with embedded PCs & data loggers

    Data Acquisition & Processing

    InoNet offers a wide range of data acquisition solutions that can collect sensor data from a variety of sources and save it in a standardised format. The solutions are flexible and scalable and can be tailored to meet individual customer requirements. Captured data includes speed, GPS position and temperature measurements, as well as video, radar and lidar data. High write speeds of up to 28 GB/s*, delay-free data encryption and hardware configurations for all operating conditions complete the range.

    * Depending on the SSD type and manufacturer used, real measured with Iometer in continuous write mode

    Storage & Transfer

    The growing amount of sensor data requires innovative storage solutions. Scalable and reliable systems are necessary to cope with the flood of data and ensure efficient access. Modern storage solutions offer robust data carriers, flexible SSD options, hot-plug capability and integrated data encryption. This enables companies to effectively master the challenges of sensor data storage and utilise the data obtained profitably.

    Upload & Ingest

    We develop solutions that enable the simple and efficient transfer of data from various sources to our data storage solutions. This includes solutions for transferring data from vehicles, test facilities and other sources. Our solutions support various transfer protocols and formats to ensure maximum flexibility.

    HiL Simulation

    InoNet develops systems for hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) simulation of electronic control units (ECUs) for the automotive industry. Our HiL configurations allow you to test ECUs in a simulated environment without the need for a real vehicle. This saves time and money and can improve the quality of your products.

    Data acquisition / data storage / data analysis: Mayflower®-B17-LiQuid

    The rugged Car HPC Mayflower®-B17-LiQuid brings server performance to the car with a powerful CPU (dual Intel®Xeon® or AMD® EPYC™) and five NVIDIA® graphics/storage cards. It is ideal for computationally intensive AI/GPU and sensor fusion in ADAS applications. With liquid cooling for the CPU and GPU, more heat can be dissipated for consistently high performance and no throttling.

    Our systems are already being used in various vehicles and projects for ADAS testing and autonomous driving.

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    Already on board towards the future

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