Competences & Services

From consulting to after-sales support

An industrial PC from InoNet is much more than the total of its (component) parts. We accompany our customers from the first specification in the prototyping process to the long-term stocking of systems and components, long beyond their regular availability in the market. In addition to customer-specific hardware, a custom-fit IPC solution consists of a wide range of services that are precisely tailored to your needs.

Many of the services listed here have been developed in cooperation with our customers. If you do not find your desired service, just ask for it – together we will find a solution for you!


Under which environmental conditions will your industrial PC be used? Which interfaces, which computer performance, which software is required? How many computers do you need, at what location, on what date, how certified? Revision-equivalent with 15 years of assured availability?

For InoNet, customer-oriented consulting means taking your needs into account when finding solutions without compromise. To do this, we take as much time as necessary before we start developing a solution.

In projects, we work closely with you – consistent project planning including realistic cost analysis from the beginning, as well as transparent project controlling with extensive customer communication are extremely important to us. This way, we ensure that a project framework that is binding for both sides is set and respected as early as the consulting phase.

On request, our experts will draw up a concept for complete product lifecycle management that ensures the availability and revision consistency of the components you use long after their regular availability on the market. Through individual customer warehouses and agreements with hardware manufacturers, we are able to work with you to create a custom-fit package for the entire lifecycle of your system.

A comprehensive specification at the beginning of the project helps you to gain full transparency about the detailed technical design of your solution right from the start. In addition to the hardware used, we also address customer-specific software, environmental conditions, component availability and certifications in the specification.

After completion of the project, a project acceptance test is carried out to verify that the implementation of your development project meets all requirements to your full satisfaction.

When advising you on your application, we draw on a total of 92 years of experience in sales and 107 years in the development of customized industrial PCs. This enables us to ask the right questions to solve common challenges quickly and at optimal cost. You can communicate with our experts at eye level and quickly arrive at pragmatic and well-founded solutions.


Thanks to our 20 years of experience, we have a large pool of ingredients from which we transform hardware components, software, special configurations and comprehensive services into customized service packages. We develop a deep understanding of your internal workflows, products and, above all, the needs of your customers. This results in industrial PC solutions whose functionality is precisely tailored to the individual application. As a medium-sized company, we offer an extremely transparent and, above all, direct communication structure compared to large manufacturers: our consultants communicate your requirements to the InoNet development team without any frictional losses and always transform them together into uncompromisingly practical computer configurations. Thanks to our many years of industry-specific experience, we are able to determine the technical feasibility and cost-effectiveness of your requirements during the initial consultation and quickly work with you to develop a practical hardware solution.

We have not yet rejected a project due to its requirements. However innovative, demanding or unusual your project may be, our curiosity to master this challenge with our expertise is greater!

For customer requirements that cannot be realized with hardware available on the market, we develop completely customized industrial PCs. Our scope of services includes complete system development with individual chassis design, cooling concepts tailored to your application or customer-specific PCB development.

For your projects with special software requirements InoNet is a competent partner and can offer the complete range of software services from (hardware-related) programming in various programming languages to integration and configuration on different computer architectures (Intel / AMD / ARM) and operating systems (Windows / Linux / Android). The spectrum ranges from the creation or modification of firmware to middleware and application software on a wide variety of target computers and devices. If necessary, we fall back on a long-standing software development partner with excellent references.
Contact us and let us make you an attractive offer.

To determine the desired functionality and feasibility of your project, our experts conduct an extensive feasibility study at the beginning of each development project. We take into account all environmental conditions and requirements of the respective application. In this way, we ensure that the first prototype we deliver already has the functional scope and reliability of a serial product. This saves you unnecessary iterations in product development and gets you to a production-ready hardware solution quickly.

Before we start serial production with a development project, we produce a prototype in production-ready quality in close coordination and cooperation with you to ensure full functionality and compatibility with customer-specific software and hardware according to your ideas.

Throughout the DACH region, we dispatch our InoNet implementation teams to carry out the commissioning of individual prototypes up to full system deployment for you.

With a professional uninterruptible power supply (UPS), you protect your data and system components from data loss as a result of power fluctuations or failures. We advise you on the selection of the right UPS for your system and handle its individual configuration in your equipment.

We offer a Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) calculation for your devices. This gives you valid predictions about the maximum operating time of the individual components and the overall system.

If your individual industrial computer has expansion cards provided by you, we will of course take care of the professional installation and configuration of the cards.

In addition to the common interfaces of the industrial computer, we also provide other interfaces that are available on the mainboard, if desired. This gives you a customized system with maximum flexibility.

Your application’s software is targeted at a specific chipset and you plan to use it for the long term to keep the total cost of ownership low? In the development project, we work with you to ensure that your industrial computer has image chipset compatibility over several generations, so that you do not have to deal with time-consuming software adaptations over the years.

Working with us, you get complete transparency in terms of the design and cost of your custom industrial computer. In development projects, regular reviews with you ensure that we meet your expectations 100% in terms of functionality and cost-effectiveness.


An industrial PC from InoNet can be seamlessly integrated into your application according to your requirements. This applies to the technology, of course, but also to the appearance. We offer you a wide range of services to present your brand in the best possible way.

In addition to the customized design of the chassis, we are also happy to adapt your manuals according to your templates, modify the BIOS of the computers or use customer-specific packaging to create a coherent overall picture for your end customers. Contact us, we will be happy to support you in developing a fully customized OEM solution.

Do you want to give your industrial computer a comprehensive branding in CI colors? We paint the chassis of your industrial computer in the colors of your choice, so that your individual system is a real eye-catcher.

Do you want the front panel of your 19-inch industrial PC to stand out from the control cabinet in an individual design? We paint the front panel of your industrial computer according to your desired template.

The customer’s logo can be screen-printed on the system in all possible sizes and variations to maximize the branding effect of the industrial computer.

We are happy to customize the BIOS menu of your devices with your logo or the logo of your end customers.

We create a device-specific (paper-based & digital) manual with the desired overall scope, also according to your individual design and structure requirements. We also create more extensive manuals according to your requirements. Talk to us, we are open to any requirement.

Would you like to send your industrial computers directly to your customer without any further handling? We take care of the packaging solution you require and professional logistics handling.


An industrial PC from InoNet is the result of real manual work. With our close-meshed control mechanisms, we detect any deviation at an early stage to ensure the reliability of the overall configuration at the highest level.

Through our internal training management, we consistently ensure that every employee is capable of carrying out every step of the work in order to achieve a consistently high level of manufacturing quality that will benefit our customers in the long term.

In addition to our high manufacturing quality standards, we offer our customers a selection of optional additional services that allow you to precisely define the manufacturing requirements for your individual device configurations.

Assembled in Germany

Our industrial computers form a convincing symbiosis of modern production automation complemented by genuine manual work and are manufactured without exception at the Taufkirchen site. Each device goes through a comprehensive control system in which each work step is checked by a colleague according to the four-eyes principle and, in addition, is checked at defined stages of production by the quality assurance department as a further pair of eyes.

If you have very specific requirements for your industrial computer in terms of dimensions, interfaces, IP protection class or expandability and therefore the standard mechanics are no longer sufficient, our experts can make modifications to the mechanics of the industrial computer so that it is produced entirely according to your ideas.

Additional / customer-specific labeling of interfaces

We will gladly add customer-specific labeling to your systems on interfaces and components to make it easier for your end users to use your systems.

Custom hard disk partitioning

We handle the definition of customer-specific drive and partition names as well as partition size, including system-specific documentation for follow-up orders.

Installation of provided expansion cards

You already have expansion cards that are to be integrated into the industrial computer? We take care of the professional installation of the cards you provide and ensure full functionality and the desired configuration within the industrial PC.

Modification of industrial computers of our customers

In addition to the production of custom-fit industrial PCs, we also offer the modification or expansion of existing systems according to your requirements. We advise you extensively about all possible conversion measures and redesign the system according to your requirements.

Mounting additional side brackets or slide rails

For easy mounting of your industrial PCs, we install additional mounting brackets or slide rails depending on your requirements, allowing you or your customers easy on-site installation.

Pre-installation of the operating system

We will gladly equip your industrial PC with the operating system of your choice before delivery, so that you can immediately put the system into operation at its destination.

Customized settings in the operating system

Upon request, we will take care of your completely individual settings within the operating system and transfer them to all other devices that are part of the project, so that all systems have completely identical operating system settings.

Upload of customized images

You already have an image for your new industrial computers? We take care of the installation on your new InoNet devices for you in advance. This ensures that, especially in the case of large projects, the image you require is installed on every industrial PC and the system can be integrated directly into the respective application.

Specific BIOS settings

If you require specific BIOS settings for your IT environment, we will be happy to accommodate them as part of the manufacturing process on each of your InoNet industrial computers. This saves you having to adjust the BIOS settings later on, and you can start using the industrial PCs as desired as soon as they are delivered.

Custom software installation

Upon request, we will pre-install your specific software on all delivered devices, so that you can put the industrial computers into operation directly after delivery without having to perform any software installations yourself.

Kundenimageverwaltung inkl. Revisionsverfolgung

We not only take care of uploading your individual image to all devices, but also back up the image in your personal customer area upon request. On request, we can thus always supply you with devices with identical software and system settings. In addition, we offer you chronological image backups with our revision tracking, which are automatically created in case of major version updates.

Configuration and test report (digital and paper)

Our configuration and test report contains an exact listing of all serial number-bound components of the respective device configuration and the individual work steps performed (assembly, tests, etc.). We will provide you with this as a file by email and available for access in your customer area, and additionally in paper form if required.

Standard manual / Safety instructions

Our operating documents provide you and your staff with a quick and informative overview of your individual InoNet computer system. In addition, the safety instructions provide important information on the proper handling of the system.

Interface to customer servers

Through a simple connection of your servers, you have the possibility to always be up to date with the current production status of your industrial computers and to keep everything in view. You receive maximum transparency and can call up logs of individual test procedures in our production and e.g. transmit your own test software to us via the same interface.

Sicherungsstufen im Fertigungsprozess_EN

Level 1

We assemble all computers in ESD protected environment according to DIN-ISO 9001:2015 certified processes. All screws and wiring are checked and fixed by hand, and plug connections are locked in place using silicone. During the subsequent functional tests, all interfaces are checked and the system is then subjected to a load and functional test by means of a RunIn test lasting at least eight hours. Only systems that are one hundred percent reliable receive a qualified InoNet QM test report afterwards. Revision-maintained production documents, in which all components and each individual production step are listed transparently and without gaps, accompany every delivery.

Level 2

In addition to safety level 1, level 2 includes a comprehensive package of measures for additional vibration protection in conjunction with additional test depth. Mounted jumpers are secured against falling off due to vibrations by means of electronic silicone. All cables are fixed tightly to prevent them from slipping due to external physical effects. Mounting screws are additionally sealed with threadlocker. All cables, including those that have their own fuse (e.g. fuse clip), are additionally siliconized. In addition, the entire wiring is provided with edge protection, if required. Special card holders fix the internal plug-in cards securely in the slots. The extended functional test includes a functional test, a continuous stress test of at least 14 hours and a final functional test.

Level 3

In addition to the measures of security levels 1 and 2, all device components are tested even more closely and thoroughly, including our 12-hour burn-in test at up to 40°C environmental temperature. Further protective measures for the entire mechanical system, such as the application of Loctite 222 threadlocker, increase the robustness against physical external influences such as vibrations. When manufacturing embedded systems, we also perform temperature screening.

Level 4

Building on fuse level 1, fuse level 2 and fuse level 3, each device is provided with further protective measures against shock and vibration. Among other things, all plugged-in elements such as SD cards, cables, plug-in cards and socketed components are individually fixed if there is no on-board securing aid in the chassis as standard. All mounting screws are sealed by using Loctite 243 threadlocker. Each unit is also subjected to a 24-hour burn-in test with ambient temperatures up to 50°C, as well as a certified high-voltage test.

Test procedure

We as a company have extremely high quality standards for the industrial computers we manufacture – because high quality is significantly decisive for high customer satisfaction and that is exactly our goal. For this reason, we carry out various test procedures with our industrial PCs as standard and put the systems through their paces. In order to avoid possible failures of our systems in operation, they are partly tested under extreme conditions before delivery, so that smooth and fail-safe continuous operation is guaranteed for our customers. You can find out more about quality management here:

We also take our time with our test procedures and fulfill your very individual requirements – no matter whether hardware provided by you is to be configured and installed in the system as well, or entire, customer-specific test procedures that we are to take over completely for you. This means less effort for you and much more time to focus on the important things.

Our CPU stress test under maximum memory utilization permanently takes the performance of each individual interface of the overall system to the performance limit, thus ensuring optimum suitability for industrial use. Depending on the customer’s request, we increase the duration of the stress test to the desired extent.

The Burn-In Test is an advanced continuous load test where you specify the desired duration and ambient temperature. Thus, the system is optimally prepared according to your individual quality requirements and environmental conditions at the place of use for the application in our climate chamber, under observation by our experts.

In the case of customer-supplied third-party cards, we are happy to include them in our various test procedures according to your requirements. Since the expansion cards are usually equipped with interfaces that fulfill an essential function in the context of the application, we take a close look at the functionality of the cards.

In accordance with the customer’s requirements, InoNet carries out specific climate tests of all devices and, of course, provides you with the climate test protocols afterwards upon request – for you, this means absolute transparency about the test process. This gives you the possibility to see exactly which temperature prevails at which load of the system and thus you can adjust the system exactly to your application and the ambient temperature.

Do you have special requirements for the functionality of individual hardware components? On request, we test all hardware components not only for pure functionality, but also for the operation you require. In this way, we respond 100% to your individual requirements and you can be sure that your application can ultimately be operated exactly as you wish.

We carefully examine your requirements regarding the RAID function and determine in several meticulous test runs which RAID mode is best suited for your application. You can learn more about the different RAID modes we can set up for you in a separate InoNet Wiki article.

If you have the need for a backup solution, our experts will of course have the right solution for you. According to your requirements, we set up a backup solution for you and, of course, test it extensively.

Do you have your own, very individual test procedures for industrial computers? We are also happy to carry out these test procedures for you here in Taufkirchen on a one-to-one basis according to your requirements to relieve you of them – saving you not only time but also stress. For example, we test the industrial computers with software or hardware provided by you according to the desired range of functions.


Thanks to our many years of experience in working with customers from numerous industries, we are able to perform a wide range of certifications for the industrial computers we produce in cooperation with an independent certification authority. These are nationally as well as internationally recognized certifications, but also approvals and certifications from the automotive, railroad, medical sectors and many more.

In addition, we also offer individual approvals for our industrial PCs that are valid in several countries at the same time. We perform advanced testing, according to your requirements, to meet the standard harmonized between countries. This means that we only have to carry out the approval test once and can apply for the certificates in the respective other countries without having to go through a time-consuming approval procedure there again. This will save you unnecessary costs and, above all, time.

Your benefits from our certifications:

  • Complete solution (product including desired certifications)
  • Time and cost savings (less effort for you)
  • Fewer risks (Meticulous testing of industry PCs according to requirements).
  • High quality (through certification of the industrial computer)
  • Fulfillment of market entry requirements

Simply contact us about the desired approval or certification for our industrial computers – we will take care of your request!

For more information on the certifications we offer, see the InoNet wiki.

CE markingUL markingFCC markingCCC marking

Safety test, certification according to EN 62368-1:2014 (replaces the discontinued EN 60950-1:xxx)

EMC testing, certification according to EN 55032:2016-02 (successor to EN and EN 55024:2010 (soon to be replaced by EN

Included are the following test documents:


  • EN 61000-3-2:2014
  • EN 61000-3-3:2013


  • EN 61000-4-2:2009
  • EN 61000-4-3:2006 + A1:2008 + A2:2010
  • EN 61000-4-4:2012
  • EN 61000-4-5:2014
  • EN 61000-4-6:2014
  • EN 61000-4-8:2010
  • EN 61000-4-11:2004

Optional: EN 300 328 V2.1.1 as accompanying tests

Safety test, certification according to IEC / UL-60950.xx (with certificate and workplace monitoring)

IEC / UL-60950-1: General Requirements

IEC / UL-60950-21: Remote Power Feeding

IEC / UL-60950-22: Equipment to be installed Outdoors

IEC / UL-60950-23: Large Data Storage Equipment

EMC testing, certification according to FCC Part 15 Subpart X

Certification according to DIN EN 60601-1:2022-11; VDE 0750-1:2022-11
DIN EN 60601-1:2022-11 is a certification for medical electrical equipment valid since 2022, in which the requirements for safety and EMC, including the essential performance characteristics, are checked and confirmed.

DIN EN 50155:2022-xx Railway applications

DIN EN 50121-x Railway application – Electromagnetic compatibility

Certification according to DIN EN 60945-1:2010-01

This certification confirms in general the requirements of navigation and radio communication equipment and systems for maritime navigation (General requirements: Test methods and required test results according to IEC 60945:2002; German version EN 60945:2002; Corrigendum to DIN EN 60945:2003-07). This certification is feasible for industrial computers developed by us.

Certification according to CCC (China)

CCC stands for China Compulsory Certification and is a certification system valid in the People’s Republic of China since May 2002. Factory audits and product tests are carried out as part of this certification. Industrial computers requiring certification must first be CCC certified before they can be imported into China, sold in China or used in business activities within China.

Certification according to GOST/TR ZU (Russia)

This certification proves that our industrial computers meet the quality and safety requirements of the Eurasian Customs Union and its member countries.

Certification according to AS/NZS 5815.2-2013 AMDT 1 (Australia)

This standard specifies the minimum requirements for energy efficiency (Minimum Energy Performance Standards) and the energy label for computer monitors. The power consumption of computer monitors is measured in accordance with the current version of AS/NZS 5815.1.


Logistics is an important core element within the value chain – which is why we offer a comprehensive range of additional logistics services for you. We assemble your product 100 percent according to your specifications, take care of labels and deliver the industrial PCs on the desired date, even directly to your end customer – just as if you had sent it yourself. This saves you time and additional effort.

Our additional logistics services range from simple services, such as customer-specific labels and individual packaging according to your requirements, to long-term availability of up to 15 years for entire industrial computers and comprehensive EOL management.

Thanks to our logistics services, you can purchase the identical industrial computer for several years, so you don’t have to worry about adapting your software to the hardware and can keep the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) low.

Assured long-term availability up to 15 years

To ensure consistent hardware for your software, we offer long-term availability of up to 15 years for individual components and even complete systems. Through agreements with OEMs and the stocking of individual components, you can use the software for your application for several years without any worries and have complete control over the total cost of ownership.

Revision control at component level

On request, we can offer you revision control down to component level for up to 3 years. This means that you not only get exactly the same hardware, but also the same BIOS or firmware revision of the hardware. This ensures that our industrial computers are fully compatible with your software down to the smallest detail, even in the long term.

Availability of components during the framework term

InoNet offers you customer-defined stocking of all system components. This ensures short maintenance and repair times throughout the entire frame life. In addition, you are protected against discontinuation by the manufacturer and can therefore purchase the same components or industrial computers from us for several years.

Individual end-of-life management

We take over the EOL management of your device components for you and always inform you in time before system-relevant components or software of your InoNet devices are no longer produced so that you can stockpile them accordingly if required. We can also advise you on replacement components and even take care of the complete disposal of your old industrial computers if required.

If our customers require international logistics for our devices, our experienced experts take care of all customs and export formalities worldwide. So you can sit back and relax while the industrial computers we produce reach your customers all over the world.

In accordance with your individual requirements, we apply each label to the surface of the device and the packaging before delivery. On request, the interfaces of the industrial computers can be given the designation you require – so your system, including packaging, is also visually 100% adapted to your application.

We can also send your orders in neutral packaging (white label) on request and do not affix any InoNet logos.

On request, we can develop KanBan or just-in-time logistics tailored to your logistical requirements. This means that we can supply you with the latest devices in the shortest possible time without you having to keep our systems in stock. This saves you valuable storage space on your company premises.

On request, we can set up an interface between our IT and your IT or merchandise management system to give you a permanent overview of your customer warehouse and minimize the logistical effort for you. Inquiries, order confirmations, orders and the dispatch of goods can thus be processed with extreme time savings.

Support & Recycling

Our systems are produced and tested with the utmost care. Nevertheless, systems or components can fail in continuous industrial use – but in this case, we offer a comprehensive range of maintenance, replacement and warranty services to keep the downtime of your system as low as possible.

Depending on the type of defect, the experienced staff at our RMA Service Center will help you by email or telephone to rectify faults directly without having to send in the affected system. If sending in a computer is unavoidable, we can guarantee a quick replacement of defective systems by stocking ready replacement devices or components to ensure your productivity at all times.

Repair and maintenance work on InoNet computers that we cannot carry out on site or remotely will be carried out exclusively at our Taufkirchen site by our experienced specialist staff.

Our other three support highlights – as flexible as your requirements

Retrofitting of old appliances:

We can turn old into new. Does your PC need an upgrade? Have your requirements changed over time? We are also happy to take care of your old appliances and retrofit them for you. The advantages are a considerably shorter delivery time and lower costs. Sustainability also plays a major role, as we only replace the parts that really need to be replaced. In this way, we protect the environment and make your old system fit for the future.

On-site maintenance:

We also come to you. Does your device need to be installed, serviced or repaired on site? We are very happy to be there for our customers. We maintain and repair your systems directly on your premises, keeping the downtimes of your systems and installations as short as possible. Our competent team of technicians will also be happy to assist you with the installation of new appliances.

Support for third-party devices:

We also take care of third-party devices. Do you have systems that are not from InoNet and do you need support? We are also happy to take on the maintenance and repair of third-party devices. We can draw on an extensive spare parts pool with components dating back over 20 years. So don’t hesitate, we will find a solution for you.

Our standard systems available in the webshop have a statutory warranty period of 24 months. In the project business, we offer you a extended warranty period of 36 months. On special request, the desired warranty period can even be extended to up to 5 years – we will be happy to advise you individually.

Many faults and problems can be resolved quickly and easily by phone, e-mail or remote access. Visit our support area and get in touch with us – we look forward to helping you as quickly as possible.

In the event of a system failure, we can provide you with one or more device copies that can be immediately integrated into your existing IT setup to ensure maximum availability of your application.

In order to increase the overall functionality and stability of your system, InoNet offers you an advance replacement of system-critical or defective individual components on request.

On request, we can provide you with very special support directly from our development department. Through a service level agreement, we provide you with a direct line to our development experts to resolve your technical concerns as quickly as possible.

B2B customer webpage (note on compliance with legal requirements) ElektroG § 7a take-back concept – Germany

In accordance with EU Directive 2002/96/EC of the European Parliament and the EU Council on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and the new version of the EU Directive, 2012/19/EU, there is an obligation to collect waste electrical and electronic equipment, treat it in accordance with regulations, dispose of it and finance this. According to the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG), every manufacturer is obliged to provide a reasonable opportunity for the return of old equipment from users other than private households.

InoNet Computer GmbH takes responsibility for its products and sends them to a high-quality recycling process after use. For devices that have been used commercially or in public facilities – so-called B2B devices – we have provided convenient return and disposal solutions for you.

InoNet Computer GmbH recycles the devices it places on the market at its Taufkirchen plant. In order to be able to offer our customers the preparation for reuse, recycling and recovery of waste electrical and electronic equipment, a return shipment must be registered in advance with InoNet Computer GmbH via the following e-mail address: InoNet Computer GmbH covers the costs for the processing, recycling and recovery of InoNet Computer GmbH products. In return, InoNet Computer GmbH asks its customers to bear the costs for transportation to the recycling company, i.e. to us.

Option to return and dispose of old devices

You would like to professionally recycle an electrical appliance purchased from InoNet Computer GmbH. You have the option of commissioning a transport company of your choice or a suitable parcel service at your expense and returning the old electrical appliances to us for recycling. Personal data on the devices to be recycled must be deleted by you beforehand.

Please inform us of the quantity and device information by e-mail ( before returning the devices so that we can correctly allocate the return to recycling. You will receive a return authorization number (RMA number) from us. For this we require sender details (your data) and other information necessary for processing, see below. Please print out this information and place the printout clearly visible in the shipping container with the waste electrical and electronic equipment.

Personal responsibility with regard to the deletion of personal data

We expressly point out that in accordance with § 19a ElektroG, any personal data on the appliances to be disposed of must be deleted by you.

Meaning of the symbol for labeling electrical appliances


The crossed-out wheeled garbage can symbol on electrical appliances indicates that old electrical appliances must be collected separately and that they must not be disposed of with household waste.

Note: Shipping is carried out by the customer himself and at his own expense. The customer must comply with the applicable laws when shipping goods. Please observe the generally applicable shipping regulations for electrical / electronic devices and batteries.

Simplified procedure:

  • Please request an RMA number from InoNet for the recycling of electronic devices
  • Print out the return form (label)
  • Consider shipping instructions
  • Pack the old appliance in a box
  • Attach the delivery bill (label) to the box
  • Handover to a logistics company

PDF DownloadForm for return of WEEE and batteries (German)

PDF DownloadForm for return of WEEE and batteries (Englisch)


Service packages

In addition to the manufacture and development of industrial computer systems for harsh environments, InoNet’s core competencies include a wide range of services. InoNet services offer customers individual and intensive advice and support, as well as customized adaptations as required.
The service concept provides a clear overview of the services – customers can choose between four different service packages depending on their requirements and also have access to additional optional individual services. The extended InoNet services apply to the respective purchase contract for which the services were booked. The InoNet Basic service package is standard and already included in the device price.

  • Safety level 1 in the production process*
  • Pre-installation of the operating system (basic installation)
  • Customized HDD partitioning
  • Endurance test (8h)
  • Configuration and test report (paper)
  • Safety instructions
  • Warranty extension (3 instead of 2 years)
  • Assembled in Germany
  • Repair and service center in Germany
  • Support by e-mail/telephone

For frame orders additionally:

  • Availability of components during the framework term
  • Advance component replacement

Basic service package, in addition:

  • Safety level 2 in the production process*
  • Customized installation of the operating system
  • Installation of customized software
  • Installing a customized image
  • Additional/customer-specific labeling of interfaces
  • Specific BIOS settings
  • Endurance test (min. 14h, longer if required)
  • Neutral packaging (without InoNet logo, if desired)

Advanced service package, in addition:

  • Safety level 3 in the production process*
  • Kundenimageverwaltung inkl. Revisionsverfolgung
  • Burn-in (like endurance test, at defined temperature, approx. 14h)
  • Board Revision fix
  • BIOS Revision fix

For frame orders additionally:

  • Replacement device in the event of a fault
  • Creation of customer image with administration incl. revision tracking (with detailed documentation in the event of changes)

Premium service package, in addition:

  • Safety level 4 in the production process*
  • Special engineering support (SLA)
  • Burn-in (like endurance test, at defined temperature, min. 14h, longer if desired)
  • Configuration and test report in electronic form
  • Provision of test reports (paper form or e-mail)
  • UPS configuration
  • Customized labels
  • Customer logo in BIOS
  • Creation of customized operating system with revision tracking and documentation

For frame orders additionally:

  • Customer-specific manual based on customer template (max. 52 pages)
  • Provision of finished devices (to be agreed separately)

    Form of address:

    I agree that my submitted informations from the contact form will be collected, stored and processed to answer my request.

    © InoNet Computer GmbH. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.