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Artificial intelligence in edge computing

Edge AI computing describes the data processing and execution of AI algorithms at the data source. In contrast to conventional cloud-based approaches, the processing of information and the response takes place at the edge of the network. Edge AI is the intelligent technology that combines edge computing and artificial intelligence (AI). In this way, data volumes can be used for applications with real-time requirements, for example via intelligent systems directly on the store floor, in the production environment. Edge Intelligence enables a lightning-fast response and analysis without having to access the cloud. In Edge AI applications, the trained model is used on the hardware on site. In this way, anomalies or problems are detected and rectified before they lead to downtime. Only relevant data is then sent to the cloud for long-term storage and analysis.

Applications and benefits of Edge AI

The applications of edge AI computing are diverse and span a wide range of industries, from IoT in industry to healthcare and the automotive industry. The seamless integration of Edge AI, for example, enables high-precision automatic quality inspections along the production lines and thus not only improves quality assurance, but also increases efficiency in production. In the healthcare sector, Edge AI opens up the possibility of real-time diagnoses and continuous patient monitoring. In the automotive industry, in turn, it contributes to the improvement of driver assistance systems and significantly promotes the safe development of autonomous vehicles. These examples are just a fraction of what is possible with Edge AI – the boundaries of innovation are constantly being pushed and the potential arising from technologies such as machine/computer vision and deep learning are almost limitless.

Edge AI offers a number of advantages. Local data processing not only leads to improved response times thanks to low latency and high availability, but also to a drastic reduction in data transfer to the cloud and the associated costs for bandwidth requirements. It also ensures increased privacy and security, as sensitive data is processed directly on the device. This approach offers an optimal solution for applications where latency, bandwidth and data protection are of great importance.

Real-time response

Cost reduction

Data security

Edge AI computing solution

Reliable hardware, minimized integration risks

With the progressive integration of artificial intelligence into industrial applications, the need for high-performance computing solutions that can cope with the increasing complexity of computationally intensive tasks and parallel processing is growing. In conjunction with the CPU, other processors are used that specialize in AI algorithms and large amounts of image and video data (GPU). Our wide range of computing technologies, from powerful CPUs to specialized GPUs, VPUs and FPGAs, guarantees optimal performance for your inference system’s machine vision and machine learning algorithms. The Edge AI platform was developed to support you with AI applications in demanding environments and scores with its high functional density, variable connectivity, scalable performance and flexible configuration management. Our hardware platform is Ubuntu-certified and minimizes integration risks through long-term compatibility and security updates for a fast time-to-market.



Configuration management

Edge AI platform with IoT Edge Framework

The Edge AI platform forms the foundation for seamless execution and optimization of your AI solution. The AI-capable hardware, combined with the open source IoT Edge Framework (ESF) from Eurotech, is ideal for implementing inference models. The ReliaCOR 44-11 with ESF relies on container logic/management and drag & drop (no-code/low-code) operation and thus ensures simple prototyping. The platform-independent connection to cloud solutions (third-party providers such as AWS IoT Greengrass and Azure IoT Edge) enables important data to be analyzed and the AI model to be continuously trained. The Edge AI solution is certified according to IEC 62443-4-1 for cybersecurity and meets the highest security standards for industrial automation and control systems (IACS) through OT security. With our fully configurable, secure platform, you can quickly create your proof of concept in the development phase and then move seamlessly to a secure, production-ready deployment. Integration with Eurotech’s Edge Management Platform (EC), enables full diagnostic monitoring and remote management of devices.


Edge AI PC


IoT Edge Framework (ESF)


Edge Management Plattform (EC)


AWS IoT Core & AWS IoT Greengrass integration

Edge AI Portfolio

Edge AI Computer

Edge AI Solution

Product innovation: Concepion-tXf-L-v3 / ReliaCOR 44-11

The Edge Intelligence system was developed to support you in any application with artificial intelligence, such as quality inspections. The rugged embedded PC impresses with high performance in a small space at environment conditions up to 55 °C. Thanks to the high-performant NVIDIA® GPU with dedicated cooling and Intel® Core™ i CPUs up to the 12th generation with up to 16 cores and 24 threads, the gateway provides an enormous performance boost for AI applications. Also perfectly suited for in-vehicle applications.


Edge computing solutions in use

In Automatic Optical Inspection, for example, industrial computers offer a powerful and versatile solution for defect and fault detection in real time as well as data acquisition and analysis for process optimization. With their robust housings, temperature and vibration resistance, they are ideal for use in demanding production environments. The future of artificial intelligence is being driven by edge AI. It brings the capabilities of AI closer to the physical world and enables machines to interact with their environment in real time and master complex tasks. This dynamic and constantly evolving field has the potential to fundamentally change numerous industries. From smart forecasting in the energy sector and predictive maintenance in manufacturing to AI-powered tools in healthcare and intelligent virtual assistants in retail, the possibilities seem endless.

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