Panel PCs & Displays

Intuitive HMIs for efficient factory automation

Panel PCs & displays in industrial applications must not only be resistant and durable under difficult environmental conditions, but also offer the user an intuitive and efficient user interface. The systems are exposed to extreme temperatures, dust and moisture and have to work reliably around the clock. HMI tasks in industrial applications are becoming increasingly demanding, leading to higher requirements in terms of computing power and operation.


Lumina® Panel PCs

Panel computers for the industrial environment should be resilient and robust and function flawlessly in a challenging environment. Our panel PCs offer an efficient, intuitive user interface and can withstand extreme temperatures and strong vibrations. The computers are protected against dust and water and are designed for 24/7 operation.

You can buy our Panel PCs fully configured. Of course, you can also order a customized configuration, we can make such adaptations even for small quantities. Talk to us, we will find a solution for every application.

Explosion-proof Panel PCs (Ex-Panel PCs)

In collaboration with a customer from the dosing and filling technology sector, InoNet has developed an Ex-Panel PC. Find out more here!

Configuration examples for panel PCs from the Lumina® series

Radiance® industrial displays

Unlike conventional monitors, industrial displays need to be particularly resistant to the ingress of dust and dirt and must be able to perform reliably in continuous operation even at high environmental temperatures. Industrial displays from InoNet are available with both resistive touch and projected capacitive multi-touch in display sizes from 3.5″ to 21.5″. The portfolio also includes medical displays that are certified and approved for use in medical environments, as well as rackmount keyboard drawers with integrated displays.

Configuration examples for industrial displays from the Radiance® series


The Lumina® Panel PCs and Radiance® displays from InoNet are designed for use in industrial environments and are therefore reliable and fail-safe even in harsh environments. They have a fanless design, so foreign bodies cannot penetrate the inside of the housing and jeopardize smooth operation. The panel PCs and displays also have an extended temperature range: they can be used close to the machine at environmental temperatures of up to 60° C without any problems. InoNet’s Lumina® Panel PCs and Radiance® displays are available for the long term to help reduce the total cost of ownership over several years.

The InoNet Panel PCs and displays are available in diagonals from 5.7″ to 21.5″ and also in larger versions on request. They can be operated via a display in 4:3 and 16:9 format (widescreen). Full HD resolutions (1920 x 1080) make it possible to show different information on the display at the same time, so that you can gain a complete overview of all running processes in a short time.

Resistive touchscreens react to pressure that can be generated by a finger or stylus. They can also be easily operated with protective gloves. Our projected capacitive touchscreens work differently: These do not react to pressure, but to the current flow of a conductive film when the multi-touch display is touched. This ensures intuitive operation with several fingers at the same time. The InoNet Full HD Panel PCs and displays are available in both touchscreen versions. They are also suitable for wall installation.

The computing power of panel computers (as with other computer variants) is determined by the processor. The application determines the requirements: The systems can be equipped with powerful Intel® Core™ CPUs of the current generation or with energy-efficient Intel® Atom® and Celeron® CPUs. Thanks to the large selection of industry-hard components, InoNet can guarantee the ideal balance between performance and efficiency.

When panel PCs and displays are used in industrial environments, protecting the system from external influences plays a major role. During the production process, dust is often swirled around, equipment close to the machine is exposed to splash water and it is not uncommon for residues of very fine particles to form, which can impair the function of nearby equipment. The Full HD Panel PCs and displays from InoNet are equipped with particularly well-protected housings and seamless front panels. This prevents dust, water and residue from entering the inside of the chassis. The best possible protection is IP69K, which prevents the ingress of dust and water (even with high-pressure or steam jet cleaning).

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