Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Industrial PCs for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing the industrial landscape. It enables unprecedented networking of devices, equipment and systems, enabling companies to monitor and precisely control their processes in real time. This development not only increases efficiency, but also opens up completely new possibilities for data-based decision-making and predictive maintenance.

In this revolutionary environment, InoNet’s customized industrial PCs are indispensable. They are at the heart of the IIoT revolution, providing the necessary computing power and reliability to support complex processes. Thanks to their scalable architecture and expandable configurations, they adapt effortlessly to the individual requirements of your industry. Our industrial PCs are also characterized by their robustness and are designed for use in demanding industrial environments. They withstand the challenges of dust, moisture and vibrations, ensuring reliable performance even under extreme conditions.

Our powerful industrial PCs are the ideal solution for versatile applications in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)




Asset Tracking

Asset tracking: Efficient tracking and tracing of goods and merchandise

How asset tracking creates added efficiency in industrial processes

If you are looking for powerful and flexible solutions for the security of your entire value chain, IIoT platforms from InoNet are a good option. Also for classic asset tracking, which can be used to precisely track physical objects such as components within your production process. This makes your production more efficient and helps you to further optimize your inventory management. For even more lean production and a further reduction in your warehousing costs.

Anti-theft: security for vehicle fleets and large appliances

You’ve also come to the right place when it comes to anti-theft, because theft protection and recovery are becoming increasingly important. This requires technical concepts such as those implemented in our IIoT platforms. Your advantage: Your vehicles, goods, merchandise and, last but not least, high-quality special equipment or construction machinery are optimally protected thanks to anti-theft applications on IIoT platforms from InoNet. As a logistics and transportation company, you benefit from our intelligently combined and very robust hardware components, advanced software and, last but not least, particularly robust sensors that enable precise location determination. Platform solutions from InoNet therefore not only stand for modern fleet management and anti-theft protection in the IIoT, but also for a smart investment in your vehicle fleet.

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Geofencing: Define security areas individually

Or are you looking for a customized geofencing solution? Even then, InoNet offers you everything you need: the mix of solid hardware, modern software and our expert know-how in industrial computer technology creates the best conditions for more than just meeting your requirements – quickly and individually. For example, you can use geofencing to monitor selected activities within defined security areas in your company or to record the movements of field staff as an alternative to traditional time recording.

Whether asset tracking, anti-theft or geofencing: with more than 20 years of expertise in classic industrial IT infrastructure, we have the best possible basis for providing you with optimum support in the implementation of high-performance concepts.

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Machine Condition Monitoring

Machine condition monitoring: precise recording of physical parameters

How to lay the foundation for smart factories

Since 1998 – when Google had just been founded – we have been your first choice for robust and powerful technologies in industrial communication. Our solutions are still robust. Efficient too. But above all, they are ahead of their time: with IIoT platforms that take your needs of tomorrow into account today.

Considering the total cost of ownership is indispensable today. Our platform solutions record, store and analyze a wide range of physical parameters such as temperatures, pressure or humidity on your production lines – for real-time monitoring and short response times. And for data management that creates a solid basis for possible process optimizations in your company in the direction of big data – and potential for the development of new business areas. This applies not only to production itself, but also to upstream and downstream steps such as transportation and logistics.

Whether indoors or outdoors: we offer you future-proof platform solutions with which physical variables can be precisely parameterized wherever it is relevant. Used for factory monitoring, for example, our platform solutions open up innovative service concepts through to predictive maintenance.

If you also want to provide your service technicians with all relevant information about the operating status of your production, platform solutions from InoNet are a future-proof choice – even in the next 20 years.

Target group-oriented digital signage

Target group-oriented digital signage:

How to implement personalized advertising concepts more easily

As a company, would you like to personalize your advertising activities – ideally even in real time? Are you looking for powerful hardware and software components that take over the display of your digital info screens in a fully automated and personalized way? With our IIoT platforms, you can use artificial intelligence to display your messages on your advertising platforms in a spatially, temporally and context-sensitive manner. Whenever a specific target group is to receive a specific message. Or when visitor flows require it. With any content, at any frequency and specifically tailored to your business objectives.

Thanks to powerful features for digital signage and our technically advanced IIoT platforms, you have complete freedom of use: Changing audiences in a busy convention hall or airport departure lounge – intelligent algorithms know what visitors want to see now “on the fly”. Or should it be a solution for a rather quiet ambience in a hospital center? We also meet this requirement with our platform solutions.

Regardless of whether you want to equip a small regional restaurant or a large congress hall for an international audience with modern digital signage applications: as experts with decades of experience in industrial communication, we develop what suits you best. Fast and professional.

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Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance: relieve maintenance teams and reduce costs

How modern process optimization succeeds with intelligent sensor technology

If you are an industrial manufacturer of high-quality parts and components and want to drive your digital transformation process towards a future-proof smart factory, you are taking a decisive step by introducing predictive maintenance concepts. As an established service provider for industrial IT infrastructure, we work with you to implement individual concepts for the intelligent networking of your sensors.

For you, the integration of predictive maintenance concepts also means a significant reduction in your downtime and a significant increase in availability in production and noticeably optimized maintenance operations – in terms of quality and quantity.

Classic tasks that modern maintenance concepts face today: condition monitoring of machines and systems, diagnostics and the desire to optimize processes with the data collected. With IIoT platforms from InoNet, you create a solid technical foundation for monitoring critical variables such as temperature, pressure, humidity, speed or even vibrations. Our high-performance platform solutions offer you optimum conditions for monitoring operating states. With our powerful hardware and innovative algorithms, we give you as an industrial manufacturer every opportunity to analyze the recorded data and design system-specific maintenance concepts. Whether wear monitoring, regular servicing or maintenance concepts tailored to your needs: the combination of state-of-the-art sensor technology for recording a wide range of physical variables and our IIoT platforms enables professional predictive maintenance approaches in every imaginable design. So that intelligent production and intelligent maintenance will soon lead to even better results for you too.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence: How to become a developer yourself

Our powerful tools for your creative concepts

Whether you are a small company, medium-sized business, corporation or research institution, the digital transformation opens up many perspectives for the use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence for both amateurs and experts.

Whether in classic application scenarios or as a basis for your own developments – IIoT platforms from InoNet form a solid foundation on which you can build your own AI developments. Thanks to our extensive portfolio, there are virtually no limits to your developer spirit. This starts with entry-level solutions for scalable testing and extends to expert systems that can be used in your industrial production, for example. Our IIoT platforms combine all the components you need for the collection, storage and processing of big data. Our IIoT platforms also provide you with the technical foundation on which your software developers can build viable concepts for machine learning.

IIoT platform solutions from InoNet are designed to use AI development to create future-proof concepts with which you can develop applications for even more intelligent processes yourself. This starts with simple tasks, such as optical image processing in quality control. And this continues with the development of mobile autonomous robots that independently recognize their next station in the production process.

There is very little that artificial intelligence is not capable of. If you are looking for a competent sparring partner for your AI development who not only has the necessary hardware and software, but also decades of developer expertise, then we should get to know each other.

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