148.3 x 84 x 111.5 mm

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  • For the fast exchange of collected data between vehicle and evaluation stations through a modular structure in drawer design
  • Write speed of up to 14 gigabytes per second with 4x SSD in RAID 0 array (tested with Iometer 1.1.0)
  • Highest storage density with up to 3x QuickTray®s in the system (up to 120 TB per QuickTray® depending on the SSD type and manufacturer used)
  • With a QuickTray® up to 4 SSDs can be removed and copied at once
  • No throttling (speed limitation) of the NVMe SSDs within the specified temperature range
  • Use even under harsh environment conditions
  • Freely scalable with NVMe storage technology in a QuickTray®.
  • Future-proof through simple adaptation of a wide variety of SSDs, depending on requirements
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