Customer solution: Data acquisition and data logging for ADAS

Reduction of data transfer time from hours to minutes



Annual revenue

€ 500-900M


5000 – 10 000


Recording and processing large volumes of data from various sensors while driving is essential for the development of autonomous driving technologies. This requires high GPU computing power that can also handle AI applications. At the same time, the system has to withstand the harsh environment of a vehicle trunk. In addition, considerable storage capacity is required to ensure the continuous recording and storage of data. The security of the data also plays a decisive role, which is why its encryption is crucial.


The Mayflower®-B17-LiQuid-vX from InoNet in combination with the QuickTray®-v3 offers a state-of-the-art solution for data acquisition and data logging in demanding advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) test applications. Thanks to outstanding performance and the integration of network cards, frame grabbers and BUS measurement cards, the liquid-cooled Mayflower®-B17-LiQuid-vX hardware platform ensures optimum data processing. The QuickTray®-v3 acts as a powerful storage device and offers space for up to 4 SSDs with an impressive total capacity of approx. 120TB*, enabling the continuous recording of vehicle data and its secure, encrypted logging. Hot plugging also makes it easy to exchange several QuickTrays®.

*depending on the SSD type and manufacturer used, real measured with Iometer in continuous write mode

Customer benefits

Data processing during the journey reduces the amount of data to be stored by saving only the data relevant for the evaluation. In combination with the impressive storage capacity of the QuickTray®, this enables up to twice the recording time and more efficient use of test drives. Thanks to hot-plugging, storage media can be replaced smoothly without affecting ongoing operation. QuickTrays® can even be exchanged during short stops, so that data does not have to be transferred via the network. Instead, the transfer is simply plug-and-play to the data center while new data is being recorded. This reduces the downtime of the test vehicle from 4 hours to a few minutes when transferring 120TB of data. Data encryption by the QuickTray® protects sensitive information from unauthorized access and ensures the customer’s competitiveness.

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