Press release: InoNet & Canonical cooperate for a smooth deployment of Edge AI

InoNet has entered into a strategic partnership with Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu. Together, they offer a robust platform for IoT use with modern Ubuntu-certified computers. The partnership combines InoNet’s hardware with Canonical’s hardware certification program, ensuring rigorous standards for reliability, software compatibility and ongoing maintenance. As part of this program, certified hardware has access to ongoing support and critical security updates, giving customers peace of mind that their systems remain secure and operational.

At the heart of the collaboration is the InoNet Concepion®-tXf-L-v3, powered by Intel® processors for reliability and performance. Thanks to Canonical’s hardware certification, supported by extensive testing, the compatibility of the device is guaranteed beyond the initial validation for future updates. This means that when minor Ubuntu updates and patches are released, there is less chance that the pre-certified hardware will cause problems or require major customizations to work with these updates. Users can therefore be sure that their software stacks work exactly as specified by Ubuntu. In addition, the integration of hardware drivers into the Ubuntu kernel simplifies use and improves compatibility with future kernel updates.

“InoNet’s collaboration with Canonical is a milestone in our commitment to provide high quality products to our customers. With access to reliable, powerful and Ubuntu-certified hardware, they can smoothly and efficiently use edge computing technologies to optimize their business processes, up to comprehensive AI applications. Ubuntu-certified hardware, backed by software compatibility, long-term support and security updates, ensures a level of reliability that sets important industry standards. This collaboration not only minimizes integration risks for our customers, but also accelerates time to market. I am pleased that together we can enable Edge AI applications that pave the way to a smarter, safer and more sustainable future,” says Ralph Ostertag, CEO, InoNet.

The combination of Ubuntu and the Concepion®-tXf-L-v3 provides an adaptable platform for IoT solutions on edge servers, IPCs and edge AI systems. Certified for reliability and performance, the collaboration between InoNet and Canonical not only improves these product features, but also optimizes processes, reduces risks and accelerates time-to-market in various industries.

“The Ubuntu Certified program enables us to offer secure and fully supported IoT solutions across the entire stack. We are delighted that InoNet has joined the Ubuntu ecosystem. With this partnership, we can offer the best possible Linux experience out-of-the-box, with long-term support for security and reliability. We look forward to more innovative Edge AI applications for InoNet customers,” said Joe Dulin, VP of Devices Sales at Canonical.

Visit us at SPS in Nuremberg from November 14th to 16th, 2023 at our booth 251J in hall 6 and discover our broad product portfolio of secure edge hardware and software solutions. Learn more about Edge AI and cyber security from our experts. Or find our hardware at Canonical’s booth 420 in hall 6 to learn more about using Ubuntu as the operating system for your device to ensure reliability and security.

About Canonical:

Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu, provides open source security, support and services. Our portfolio covers critical systems, from the smallest devices to the largest clouds, from kernels to containers, from databases to AI. With customers including leading technology companies, emerging start-ups, governments and consumers, Canonical provides trusted open source solutions for everyone.

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