Case study: Using industrial PCs in radiotherapy – precision can save lives

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Our customer has developed a system that uses innovative tracking technologies such as surface, heat and X-ray monitoring to enable highly precise radiation treatments so that a tumor can be treated in a targeted manner. Using cameras, patient movements can be detected in real time, patient positioning can be automatically adjusted and the patient can be irradiated in a targeted manner for longer. These automated treatments require a high-performance workstation with GPU performance for image and video processing and control of the radiotherapy system. The industrial PC is housed in a compact server cabinet.

Challenge no. 1: Space restrictions for the server rack
The standard server cabinets originally used were too large. Due to space restrictions, the new server rack needed to be as compact as possible. Another requirement was the conception in a modern corporate design. An independent power supply was just as essential for medical purposes.

Challenge no. 2: Depth of the workstation
The high performance 19″ 4U industrial PC had to fit into the newly designed server cabinet with an adapted depth of <450 mm and an adapted cooling concept. The workstation had to provide space for four plug-in cards (network cards and graphics cards), including two powerful NVIDIA RTX graphics cards, suitable for processing 3D and thermal imaging camera data. In addition, the interfaces had to be designed towards the front in order to remain accessible at all times, even after installation.


InoNet has developed a mini server cabinet according to customer requirements, which offers space for the customized 19″ 4U workstation, a 4U plug-in unit and the power distribution unit (PDU). Perforated doors were chosen for optimum ventilation and these were developed in the customer’s corporate design. The lockable door has an interchangeable side stop as well as a power supply drawer and a document tray. The PDU provides a medical power supply (16A at different voltages) with an integrated low-voltage power supply unit for remote control and system standby.

In close cooperation with the customer’s design engineering team, the InoNet developers were able to optimize the dimensions and functionalities of the workstation. The jointly developed workstation with a chassis made of DX51 galvanized sheet steel combines all the requirements of the application for a high-performance yet compact server unit.

The rapid implementation was made possible by the use of NICI (Next InoNet Computer Innovation). The NICI design with parametric structure allows the dimensions and equipment of a system to be flexibly adapted to the customer’s requirements and presented to them as a 3D model as early as the design phase. The depth of the workstation could therefore be flexibly adjusted to 300 mm. A new cooling concept guarantees reliable 24/7 operation.

Customer benefits

Our solution provides the customer with a unique system in a corporate design, with flexible customisation options and long-term availability with PCN (Product Change Notification) and, if necessary, standard-compliant modifications, ensuring reliable planning and long-term investment security. The visualization of joint adaptations with the customer in the 3D model and the effective implementation of new housing dimensions enable a time-saving development phase and accelerate the introduction of the new systems.

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